Artur from Mega Mortgage was the guy who helped us with refinancing our mortgage. What we loved about the service is he never pushed us to close the deal. He even advised to wait couple of weeks to prepared our situation better. It worked out to our advantage and the final process was an easy ride. Very knowledgeable, professional and kind during the process. We will definitely come back in the future.  

Knowledgeable, professional and kind

Tomasz Poplawski

The home buying with Mega Mortgage was amazing!!! I would highly recommend them as a lender. It was a pleasure to work with Artur in our loan process. It never seemed intimidating to us because Artur was able to explain the steps to us in a way we were able to understand.  

Abslolutely amaizng company

Olga Thomas

Mega Mortgage is a reliable financial institution that got us a loan to purchase our dream home! Artur and his team were agressive in finding a way to obtain a loan. We recommend their services for refinancing, purchase of a home or investment property. We will continue to recommend them to our friends and family. I received the best rates, excellent customer service, and they are always available. Responded immediately and worked with me tirelessly to meet my needs. Completely trustworthy and demonstrate the utmost integrity.  

The best rates and excellent customer service

Robert Szymanski

We used Mega Mortgage as our lender for our home purchase. Artur and his team delivered in an amazing way! Very transparent, friendly, experienced and honest. They work hard for their clients to deliver exactly what was discussed on a timely manner. If you are insecure and/or uncomfortable with anything regarding your new/old mortgage or refinance process, you should definitely consult with Artur. He will make everything clear, put an action plan in place and you can rest assured that everything laid out in the plan will be carefully delivered. I highly, highly recommend using Mega Mortgage, they are heads and tails above the rest!  

Very transparent, friendly, experienced and honest

Marta M.


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