Need a Mortgage? Get 2.950% payment fixed for 5 years!

This new loan program features:

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Low monthly payments for 5 years based on an annual rate of 2.950%.
Rate can change monthly and is based on index (very stable 12-MTA) plus Margin.

Loans up to $2 ,500,000.
5% down payment up to$400,000.

Owner occupied or Investors
Single family, condos and 1-4 units.

20% down payment required.

15, 30, or 40 years amortization

Four monthly payment options:
  1. Minimum amount due (may result in deferred interest)
  2. Interest only
  3. Full principal and interest
  4. 15 year amortization

Refinance and consolidate your debt! Or get cash!
Buy and have low fixed payment for 5 years!
Invest! Real Estate market is HOT! And keep your monthly payment manageable!

Free loan prequalifications!
Call or email for further info.

Our location:

5150 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago IL 60641
Tel: 773-202-8311


Loan officers are available to visit your home or office to take loan application.

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